IT’S HERE!!! Today is the release day of my solo album “Tulpa”! It’s a big milestone in my career and I am so happy about all the positive feedback of the last couple of weeks!
This is a good moment to say “thank you”. I want to thanks all the unbelievably talented musicians who play on my album and for how they added their own character to the music. Thanks to Ibanez Germany and Daniel Gäthke for their huge support. They shot my music video for “Our Soul Sets Sail” and offered a bass for a contest (that is running out today!). Thans to my other endorsement partners Engl, Richter Straps, Sennheiser, Steinberg, Ernie Ball and Musik Meyer. A big shout out to Hannes who made the production sound so massive! Thank you to AOP records who have put a lot of work and effort into this record and believed in me! Thank you Tim Ziegler! And thanks to everyone at my discord server. It grew to such a great and positive community. I enjoy it a lot!
And the biggest thank you goes out to you! Everyone who supports me with in any way! Sharing and commenting my posts and songs, order my album or something else at me online shop. It means so much!

If you want to have a physical copy of the album, you can still order at my online shop.