“When I thought about recording another playthrough, I decided for the title track of our new album Akroasis.
As it is a very atmospheric song, the bass lines are probably the easiest one to play on the whole album.
This way I hope to motivate people to try playing the song themselves and to pay more attention to phrasing on bass.
In this video I play my fretless Ibanez BTB7 that people ask me about very often. I recorded 90% of the album with this bass.” – Linus Klausenitzer

German progressive metal masters OBSCURA are poised to return with fifty-two minutes of their most expansive, dynamic, and innovative music to date! This is the official title track ‘Akroasis’ bass playthrough by Linus Klausenitzer. He plays his fretless version of an Ibanez BTB7 (7 string).

‘Akroasis’ is out now via Relapse Records on CD/2xLP/Digital. Purchase at Relapse.com: http://bit.ly/Akroasis
Bass tablature book including this song – availabe at https://www.realmofobscura.com/shop/