In this new single “Sword Swallower” you can hear a very special guest: V. Santura.⁠

Not only is he the guitarist of Triptykon and Ex-Celtic Frost, he is also a fantastic and motivating producer that I have worked with the most. Here’s a list of albums that we have worked on together:⁠
Noneuclid – Metatheosis⁠
Alkaloid – The Malkuth Grimoire⁠
Hannes Grossmann – The Radial Covenant⁠
Obscura – Illegimitation⁠
Obscura – Akróasis⁠
Obscura – Diluvium⁠
Obsidious – Iconic⁠

In May I had the honor to play the Farewell Tour of his band Dark Fortress. We had a great time and I was happy to share the stage again with this humble but brilliant guy.⁠

If you are want to be over-particular (like a German typically is), we are still band mates. We both played in Noneuclid – a band that is inactive since over 10 years but we have never officially split.⁠