Linus Klausenitzer releases 3 instructional packages sharing the experiences of his career:

  • Composing Concepts:  The digital video workshop shows different composing tools and how to start with a concept. The course includes examples of composing processes he use for Obscura songs.
  • Composing Metal Bass Lines: Linus Klausenitzer presents different methods to write bass lines for making a song better. He shows how he wrote bass lines for his bands (Alkaloid and Obscura) and how to play one part in 5 different ways to support its character.
  • Bass Essentials: Linus Klausenitzer explains his point of you to rudimental topics: warming up, left and right hand technique, timing, sound, strings, studio and live equipment, effects and much more
    QUARANTINE-SPECIAL: The course includes 14 chapters and can we included to a 14 days learning routine.

These digital workshops don’t include standard exercises that you can find in most bass books and on YouTube. The concept was prepared to deliver exclusive content. The downloads include video files and exercises with PDF, Guitar Pro and playalong files. You can choose between 3 courses or buy them a bundle.

The courses are available at his new webshop.