Linus Klausenitzer:
“As you might have read through the Official Obscura press statement already, I am leaving Obscura (as well as Rafael Trujillo and Sebastian Lanser).
Let me use this opportunity to explain the situation and tell you about the exciting plans that I have for the future.

I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved in the last 9 years in Obscura and I feel very grateful for what I have experienced during this time. We made 3 records together and toured regularly through 4 different continents. Very fast I became one of the main songwriters and in the end we signed with the biggest independent label of the world “Nuclear Blast”. No one except Steffen has been in the band longer than I have, and together with Steffen I was part of the company “Obscura” behind the band. So you can imagine that this was not an easy decision for me to take. I haven’t been feeling comfortable with the recent band situation anymore, including musical differences, so I needed a change to reach a next step. Obviously those differences were between the three of us and Steffen. There is still no bad blood but that’s why we ended the collaboration, before too many negative emotions appear.
That’s the simplified version of what happened. I understand that people want to know more in detail about it but those situations are hard to describe to people who were not involved.

On the other hand, Steffen has always been the most driving force and I will always be thankful for his contributions. If he wouldn’t have started Obscura so many years ago my career would have taken a whole different path. I am happy it was this one. Normally when 3 of 4 people want to continue to make music together, the remaining band member leaves. But Steffen is the only remaining founding member so we decided that he should go on with the name “Obscura”. I wish the very best to Steffen and the future members of Obscura. I would like to thank our amazing crew, our business partners and specially all our fans for all the good times and unforgettable experiences. I am thankful for everyone who continues following me on my journey!
It feels very good to be open to new opportunities now and to expand my existing activities that I love.

During my time in Obscura I have been very active with other activities that I plan to continue: Giving bass workshops all around the world. I
recorded bass and composing lessons for different platforms including my own website:
And then there is another activity that I have always loved a lot: Being a recording session musician. I was able to record with amazing
international talents and heroes of my youth. If you are interested in my work, please visit my website or get directly in contact with me.

Let me tell you about my future plans:
In Obscura I had the privilege to play with some of the best musicians in the metal scene. Some of them are my band colleagues of the band “Alkaloid” since a couple of year already. We are in the song writing process of our third album right now.
With the other part I will form a new band that I am extremely excited about: “OBSIDIOUS“. Please visit to listen to the
first audio clip and for more information. Beside the fact that Sebastian and Rafael have became close friends of mine we have always
worked well on songs together. We want to continue with the vibe of Obscura songs that we composed completely (except vocals): Clandestine Stars, Diluvium, Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun, Ethereal Skies, An Epilogue To Infinity, etc. We want to bring this style of composing to the next level.

When I started to compose for Obscura’s next album I was trying different musical directions. I just enjoyed the process of it and ended
up with 8 songs that want to see the light of day. Except for some songs, that we will use for Obsidious, I will use them for a solo album that I am planning on since quite a while.

I have some more plans, which I can’t talk about yet, but I think QUITTING OBSCURA, FOUNDING OBSIDIOUS and WORKING ON A SOLO ALBUM is already enough news for one day ;)”

More information about Obsidious: