Linus Klausenitzer will be live streaming a digital bass workshop from his home studio with live interaction where viewers can participate via video chat and text messages. He doesn’t offer bass lessons online so don’t miss this rare opportunity! Please note that the amount of tickets is strictly limited to 10 people per workshop.


  • Composing bass lines: Linus Klausenitzer will demonstrate different options to make a song better with your bass playing. He will give you new ideas and explain some bass lines that he wrote for the recent OBSCURA album “Akróasis”.
  • Special playing techniques & phrasing: You will learn how to make a difference to other bass players beyond the standards that most bass players use.
  • Working on bass sounds: Finding a musical identity is one of the most difficult challenges of being a musician. Linus will show you how to find ways to achieve your own bass and band sound.
  • The role of a bass in a metal rhythm group: The way that bass players use their instruments has changed a lot in the last few decades. Linus will show you what is important to make a band sound good as a bass player.