As one of the first bands in extreme metal, OSCBURA funded their record “Illegimitation” with the concept of crowd sourced capital.

“The feedback for this crowd funding project was immense and bigger than expected. We reached our financial goal within a few days and by now we can use almost five times the amount to realize this demo collection with the voice of our fans. In the end they where deciding if this collection of our very early demos and some new recordings of the current lineup will be made available or not and also in what extend.
In times of decreasing physical sales crowd funding is a new way for artists to release their music, videos or movies with crowd sourced capital on a independent but high profile level. This is the future for irrespective, stand-alone artists of all genres and we are glad to be part of the forward thinking movement with our own project.”

Steffen Kummerer

The collection, released in March 2012, includes ten never-before-heard tracks, including the band’s earliest recordings from 2003, unreleased songs from the Cosmogenesis sessions of 2006, and brand new cover songs with the newest line-up from 2011.

The record is available on CD/LP in the official Obscura web shop: